Access on go

Access your content and files from anywhere. Documents & data is accessible from your phone or laptop and you get automated notifications & reminders and enables you to focus on your work, rather than managing timelines.

Easy Collaboration

Upload or create documents and invite reviewers and collaborators to suggest and implement proposed changes while maintaining absolute control of the change process and acceptance or rejection of proposed changes. Allow or prevent reviewers from creating their own collaboration sub-reviews. As always, you control which changes are incorporated into the final document. No restrictions on file size allow for files too large to email to be reviewed within the application.

Stay tuned always

Increase transparency in team collaboration and simplify project management by giving everyone in the team visibility of upcoming project milestones, deadlines, meetings with sophisticated calendaring tools. Perfect for project management, the tasks module helps you keep yourself organised and boost your team's efficiency.

Co-Authoring & Editing

Save hours of formatting, editing and authoring time. Simultaneous, controlled and secure real time collaboration for document review and co-authoring is integral part of CollabLoop. No manual checking to identify the changes. In one single click, instantly compare your sent and received documents and see what's changed.

Real time collaboration
with document review, sharing & co-authoring.

Combine the power of several collaboration apps into one brilliantly simple platform.

Store, sync, and share files simply

Always have the latest version of files. Having your files stored online makes it easy to store, organize, and share them, so you can work on the leatest version and share them securely with other team members, business partners, or with customers. You always control access.

Collaborate easily

Share ideas at the speed of thought. Every action is live, whether you're messaging your team, taking meeting notes, or creating a task. Perfect for project management. Tasks, milestones and blogs helps you keep yourself organised and boost your team's efficiency

collaborative document review and co-authoring of documents

Document Review, co-author & edit online

Review management, change control, change consolidation, comment reconciliation, comment threads and audit trails are some of the features of Collabloop. Different users can be assigned sections or paragraphs within a document to work on, while keeping whole document in tact and completed sections within the document can be locked from further editing, enabling a seemless & easier version enabled document review process.

Keep your projects coordinated

Keep everyone up to date and working together as a team. CollabLoop gives you many different ways to help ensure that everyone can find exactly what they need fast and that all team members are moving forward together. Engage your team with built-in messaging and tools.

Discover easy collaboration

All the Tools You Need to Get More Done

Build a team library

Keep project emails, documents, issues, tasks, milestones and shared content together in one place with a project-specific site that only team members can access, so no time is wasted searching for what you need.

Faster document review & co-authoring

Sending documents out for review can be a time consuming and unpredictable part of a project. Collabloop enables access of the document within a collaborative browser-based environment, resulting in significant time and cost efficiencies and reducing the number of document review cycles with collaborative editing and co-authoring.

Secure file share and sync

Stop relying on email to share sensitive corporate files. Instead, use a secure online space for file transfers and document sharing with internal and external users.

collaborative document review and co-authoring of documents

Why Collabloop?

Reduce your document review & co-authoring time and effortlessly share & collaborate with others. Collabloop helps you be more productive and facilitates the production of quality documents providing savings in both time and effort.


Layer 1

Shorter Document Reviews

Track changes, review & co-author collaboratively with others and automatically be notified when document is changed by someone else. Comment and share documents through a team site and effortlessly merge changes within documents and resolve comments.


Layer 1

Increase in productivity

Strong increase in employee engagement with streamlined operations due to the fact that employees are no longer limited to using their office computer to communicate and can access the information as needed to keep business moving forward.


Layer 1

Decrease in costs

Not only savings on security software due to the enterprise-grade security built in, but also a comprehensive business solution that didn't need to be bolstered by third-party software and required much less management from the IT teams.

Work together effortlessly

Collabloop works across all your devices.

Work at your own pace

Collabloop enhances multi-party collaboration so that users can work at the pace demanded by their organization, with the precision required by their profession.Everyone is always on the same page and dashboards enables one to know where things stand and if the team is making enough progress towards their goal.

collaborative document review and co-authoring of documents

Work efficiently

Collabshare allows users to create sites and multi-level folders for secure online storage, access, sharing, and collaboration. Virtually any file type or file size is supported along with version control, multi-file upload, drag-and-drop features, and file synchronization. Collabloop users benefit from a document-centric collaboration wholesale promotional products experience, enabling users to review, make content-specific comments, and update documents based on user-defined permissions. Collabloop makes it an easier and controlled, collaborative document review, editing and authoring process.


Your choice of deployment- choose between On Premise, Cloud Shared or Cloud Private Instance.

Your choose how you want to use Collabloop and what deployment options work for you. Same powerful, easy to use document collaboration, sharing and review/co-authoring solution at an affordable price. Collabloop solutions are designed for the web. Installed on your hardware or on Collabloop's infrastructure and datacenters, you get the same software, the same user experience, the same great results.
When using Collabloop, there is very low overhead and with no startup investment, easy access and the security of redundant, disaster-proof data centers. No specialized hardware to manage and no up-front capital investment is required.

Collaboration designed for you

Reduce the time and cost of completing tasks and keep all project dpcuments, issues, tasks, milestones, calendar items and feedback in one easy-to-access place.

Instant access

Create sites - a shared collaboration space and start adding content to the site. Content can be structured or unstructured data like files, creative stuff, issues, tasks, milestones, calendar entries, events. All your content will be instantly accessible in high resolution and can be easily shared with others.

Share it easily

Simply click on share button to share with internal or external users or invite users for collaboration. You can share documents as read only or create access controls with specific permissions for users or groups.

Control your content

Decide what others can do within the site and what files or even sections/paragraphs within particular documents they have access to or can work on. You can allow others to simply view content, edit, review, comment, share or download. You can also create your own Access Control Lists to create your own permission sets.

Visual versioning and tracking

Upload a new version of a file or make changes in the file and the previous iteration is archived so there's never confusion about which version to review. Easy access to past versions and conversations help you track progress and see why changes were made.

Real-time conversations

Comments are added instantly so you can have a live discussion no matter where your project team is based. We'll also send an email notification when new comments are added so no one will miss out.

Built in audit trails

Security and audit trails is intergral part of Collabloop. Every action, event or click is logged and tracked within Collabloop database. Company and Site administrators can download aduit trail reports at any time.


Built to securely exchange highly sensitive information both inside and outside of the organisation.


Collabloop is hosted on worldclass infrastructure with 35 Availability Zones within 13 geographic Regions around the world. Data centres are located in locations like UK, US, UAE, Australia, South America, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Dublin, Ireland, Frankfurt, India, China and Offshore with the highest levels of security so you can choose where to store your data.

ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 Type II certified

Collabloop datacenters are ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 Type II certified to ensure controls and processes are in place to protect your data. We also have an option of running your instance on certified FedRamp Gov Cloud for your secure needs.

Disaster recovery

Data is replicated in near real-time to a physically separated secondary data centre for disaster recovery and full geographic redundancy.

Network security

Firewall rules, virus scanning and intrusion detection systems are continually protecting the network and preventing unauthorised access.

Encryption at rest and in transit

Collabloop encryts all data in transit using SSL 256 bit and uses AES 256 bit encryption for data at rest.

Safe Harbor

Collabloop complies with the U.S.-EU and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks set out by the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Unlock powerful features by purchasing a subscription.

We looked at what our competition were doing and realised there were many potential pricing models (and still are today), including:

Per site pricing (with maximum user limit per site)
Per site pricing (with maximum data storage per site)
Per user pricing

Collabloop pricing is very flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs. Collabloop subscription pricing starts at only $3.99 per user per month.

For purchase enquiries, email us at [email protected]

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