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Improved Document Collaboration in 5 steps

Document Collaboration is important pillar for any company and requires some essential steps to be seamless and effective.
Here are five things that are a must for document collaboration –

Define your reasons for your document collaboration
You need to be clear on the need and reasons you need a document collaboration solution. You need to define what the aspects of this solution would be, what the minimum requirements are and why you need such a solution.

Identify the knowledge workers
You need to understand who is the user for this solution and what their interaction tendencies are and also what roles do these users play. You need to understand who is an author, listener, content editor, creator etc.

Identify the integrations
You need to understand, which other systems this solution need to connect to or integrate with. Is O365 integration a requirement? Do users currently use Dropbox and you want to bring in existing documents from Dropbox? Understand the scope Understand the scope and realities of the solution. Would you like this solution to be accessible from internet? Are the users using this are on road most of the times?

Take the opportunity to start from scratch and define the scope
You need to construct the building blocks for the document collaboration solution Identify document co-authoring as a requirements for productivity Lastly you need to understand that document collaboration is now going real time.

Document real time coauthoring and editing is an integral part of solution
You need to define what that means and educate users on how this adds to productivity, flexibility and helps reduce versioning issues.

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