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Collaborative Document Review

Review Collaboratively Edit & Approve Documents

Collabloop‘s document review and collaborative editing & approve solution allows you to easily work with teams and collaboratively review any kind of documents. Collabloop goes beyond document sharing and enables you to securely share, edit, approve documents.

Collabloop hasĀ  proven to reduce time lost in keeping track of versions of documents and helps reduce review cycles. With built in project review and tracking capabilities, you can see who is due for next task and who changed what.

Built in track changes, review module, audit trails and auto merge capabilities are some of the features Collabloop provides to ensure that you can focus more on content and lesser on document preparation.

Collabloop is not only a great collaboration and document review software, but also is a great return on investment. Collabloop cam save more than 70% of the time spent on reviewing documents and allows multiple co-authors to work on same document in real time

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